Colour has always been a huge fascination and endless inspiration for me and when I discovered the ultimate beauty of natural colour in plants, everything fell into place. I started collecting plants, that grow all around me, on the sidewalk, on the side of the street, on trips to the countryside with my bicycle.
First dye experiments were with elderberries (Sambucus nigra) and canadian goldenrod (Solidago canadensis), still one of my favourites!
Simmering canadian goldenrod releases a beautiful greenish yellow and a wonderful smell, its also a herbal tea and treatment. Understanding the plants for their colour, biochemical and healing properties is my focal point.
During the whole process of growing and collecting plants for dyeing, I feel deeply connected to the nature around me!
Growing and harvesting dyeplants has its own pace, its own schedule, my influence is limited.
Gathering plants and information about them, tuning in and watching very closely, the miracle is in the details!
Do I create the colour, is the colour already there?
Most certainly I am the connection between the plant and the textile fiber, working with my hands and all of my senses!
The colours are „produced“ by nature, sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden in the leaves, the flowers, the berries, the roots.
I am helping to transfer these beautiful colours on to natural materials like wool, vintage silk, cotton and linen.
Dyeing with Japanese Indigo (Polygonum tinctorium)